Vertical Inspection

Vertical Inspection

Cell Tower Inspection

AAG – Unmanned has been very successful in implementing unmanned policies and procedures which allows us to provide cell tower inspectors, as well as tower owners, a detailed inspection report. AAG – Unmanned is able to provide this data quicker and safer than traditional climbing means. We have even been successful in preparing TIA222 Inspection Reports, which have typically been difficult for our competition in this space. Our aircraft can typically generate all of the data within 30 minutes and we are actively engaged in automating the mission, completely. From a host vehicle, the aircraft will fly the mission and return to the vehicle with little input from the Remote Pilot.

Flare Stack and Wind Turbine Inspections

Any tower inspection can be accomplished with our sUAV’s drones. Including Flare Stack Inspections, and Wind Turbine Inspections.